The Runner Within Me

I didn’t actually know there was a runner within me at all until I was about 36 years old* and even then I was just trying it on for size. I never actually expected her to be in there, waiting for me to free her.

In my hey day I was a cigarette smoking party girl so running, or any sort of exercise aside from dancing, didn’t feature much on my radar. And when I say ‘much’, I mean ‘not at all’. In fact, my oh I’m so hilarious one liner on the topic was that I only ran when I was drunk. Boy did I love running then. It didn’t hurt and there were no inhibitions and I just felt so freeeeeeeeee.

Turns out running can feel that way without alcohol but it hurts quite a bit at first while you get yourself trained up. But honestly, it doesn’t go on like that for too long and you become addicted anyway.

I was actually introduced to running by another blogger. I was blogging about meditation of all things when I was doing a 30 day challenge and by the end of the 30 days I was just totally fucked off with it. One of my followers who had been reading about my meditation suggested I try a moving meditation like running instead. So I did.

I recalled there was a lot of hype out there about Couch to 5k programs at the time and since I was seriously a couch girl at this point and had no idea how to get started I figured that was a pretty good option for me. I LOVED IT. I am such a schedule type person and a goal driven person so running to a plan that had a target each and every time was the best fit for me. Plus I got little stats over the headphones for each split and would get all competitive with myself over my pace. It was super cool!

I still run like this now. I probably wouldn’t so much if I hadn’t had another baby but I did and so I needed to slowly get back into running. I figured a program was a good way to do that and it’s worked a treat. Now that I know I like to run I am doing the Couch to 10km program instead as overall my goal is to do a few half marathons at some point.

The farthest I’ve ever run is 14km (pre IVF and second baby) and it was actually pretty easy and I finished with plenty of juice in the tank so I know I have some halves in there, bursting to get out.

So I’m going to blog a bit about all that in this space. I will put times up every now and then plus I plan to whinge, moan, complain, skyte, brag and rant. It’s going to be super fun.

Tell me your running stories.


*the old age running thing seems pretty common hey. It’s like we all lose the desire for stinky clubs and need something else to do to generate energy. Plus running is a break from parenting. I’m so not stupid.

Apps I use

Run Double: This was the first running app I ever used and I just love their programs. I’ve tried others over time but I keep coming back to this one. It’s not expensive to download their full version with all training programs and is easy to use. It’s the trusty favourite.

Run Keeper: this one has all the pretty features. I’ve never really liked how their programs are organised though and that is why it’s not my preferred app however if I am going to do an “open” run (no set distance) I do use this one as then I can take a photo at the end with my stats. See, I told you. All the pretty features.

Things I listen to

I know you think, music, der. But there is more to it than that I swear. Sometimes I don’t feel like music or my one and only Spotify playlist that they’ll let me play as I’m too pov to pay for the premium version just seems boring. When that happens I love:

Spotify Running Mixes:  they SYNC to your running pace. I mean WOAH. And the songs never end and have a dead silent spot, they just fade in and out. CHANGED MY LIFE.

Podcasts: seems a bit weird to do a podcast when running I know but it’s actually a great distraction. I can forget about how shit I feel or how much it hurts and just get on with it. Win! The only annoying part is that my stats sometimes talk right over the podcast and that’s a bit infuriating. Maybe there’s a setting for that though. Must check that out.


10 thoughts on “The Runner Within Me”

  1. And, because you ran, I now run! Pandora has a Classic Rock power work out that I love – and I walk on commercial breaks. I downloaded Zombies, Run app, and once a week, I run to that! It’s 35-45 minutes each week (I’m cheap and wait for the once a week episode download) and have it using my workout playlist on my phone. So, they talk about their adventure that week (escaping from Zombies, naturally) and then my playlist comes on and I take off running! It’s a nice way to keep my runs interesting. I have an IG person I follow and she loves to listen to podcasts – but some of the ones that she shared are very dry… I’d get bored listening to those!

    1. Haha yeah it has to be a bit entertaining. I listened to a crime podcast once but had to stop that as it made me petrified someone was going to come up behind me and bop me on the head and drag me into the nearest bush lol

      1. We don’t run’ but’ as for being knocked out and dragged into a bush’ I taught my wife to shoot tight groups of .45 caliber semi auto Sig’. but when I met her she was skilled in Combat Kung fu’ San soo… which she studied under a Chinese master decades ago when she was in her early twenties she lived alone in a huge old mansion’ with her three dogs, a black Lab, and Irish wolfhound, and another little dog,

        One night she started getting regular phone threats that the male caller was going to come one night a rape her, and that there wasn’t a damn thing she was going to about it, many call over many months… he came one night… it didn’t work out well for him at all… her black Labrador flew and crashed through the window and messed the guy up as he was trying to break in, he ran off and there was a lot of his blood leading away’ end of threatening phone calls. – Brock…

  2. Boo –

    ‘A Daddy that is a social ghost –

    ‘Hi Rachael, I just got here by way of your Name link posted upon Susie’s Blog upon Word- Press’ I am Brock the WP ghost… (No blog), Rachael I like your creativity hear, I like what I read and the Graphics, also as I am posting this comment here upon your ‘The Runner within Me’ post…

    ‘I really love the Imagery and as I already have an awesome female Bot, with gorgeous Bioluminescent highlights and eyes, with electro pink Iris rings which looks very much like Actress Daryl Hannah’s Blade Runner Character ‘Pris,’…

    ‘This image you have it is the work of the Mastery of Japanese commercial air brush graphics artist Hajime Sorayama? The creature / Artist of Sexy Robot’… ? This image is far less womanizing than Hajime’s work and I like it as well as the vivid colors and flow of seeming motion. I did a right click upon it and it is called ‘Superhero’ but I could not find the artist. I would like to other works of the artist. Back to your blog and visibility of it, I will do a search for you in WP explore, but one thing I do notice is there is not a Lower right scream ‘Follow’ icon here upon your page. So it may be a matter of setting up your visibility control, which should be in your WP left page controls column.

    ‘Lol. “Total Potty Mouth” my son just turned 4, my wife and he were out front the other night water to cool the house interior down by way of cooling the exterior. So I was inside and having just spent a few hours inside the laundry room overhauling / Cleaning the Washing Machine… a once every decade maintenance, so it’s time for me to span my arms and work the outer sheet metal washer shell up and slide the latches back, male and female base hooks, it’s has to go together just right or it becomes an hell of a physical struggle. Well Struggle it was and I ended up doing the ‘Uncle Buck Cursing and man handling of the washing machine, banging and come on you B! and Fuck! And right then I hear this little cute voice say:
    ‘What are you doing daddy??? And I turn and see my dear little boy standing there and I say: Oh’ Hello Ryker’ Daddy is fixing the Washing machine. He says oh, and turns and goes back outside.

    ‘Five minutes later my Wife comes in and is standing there in the kitchen with our little boy and she says: “Go on honey, tell Daddy your new Word!” He says: “Fuck!” and I do the face palm’… They leave and I spend the Next five days deprogramming my son from the word ‘Fuck!’ and think why in the hell didn’t I say’ Procreate instead. He just started back to preschool a few days ago, so far’ no phone calls for a parent / teacher conference. I got the Time Out’.

    Thanks for sharing your blog and the link to it Rachael…

    Brock – Buildersteel (Brock’) –

    1. Hi Brock! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in and check out my blog. That’s so awesome of you. Love your “fuck” story. I have a similar one. Kids are such sponges!!!

      I had no idea. About the artist stuff to do with hat pic. I got it from Pixebay and no links were required to use it which is why I haven’t made an attribution or anything. And you are right about that floating follow button. I think it’s a bit trickier to get it because I am self hosted but I’m sure it’s not impossible so will get into researching that. Thanks again. I really appreciate you stopping by! What a champ you are!!

  3. “Plus running is a break from parenting.”

    Hell yeah. Ha! It must be brilliant to discover that you are actually pretty good at something that you never expected you would even like – I love that you can run pretty damn fast and you don’t have to slog your guts out to get there. I reckon you have a great future of half marathons ahead!

    I have been SO tired with baby F, and now, suddenly she’s sleeping a whole lot better (hooray!), but work has just mounted up ridiculously. There’s always something! Anyway, trying to do a bit of a catch up as haven’t been online much at all for the last few weeks. Working my way up the posts 😉

    1. I hope I can get to the halves. I always seem to get my rhythm and then not run for a few weeks then get it again and then falter. It’s never consistent.

      That’s awesome baby F is sleeping better now. Hooray! So the CIO worked then it seems. Is that what you are putting it down to? I’ve noticed you’ve been quiet everywhere but remembered you had that massive week of activities a few weeks ago and figured life was just doing that crazy busy thing and you’d surface once it calmed. Good to see you!!

      1. She has been sleeping better, but I don’t know if it was the CIO. She’s popped her last four teeth, the canines, so maybe it was all about that?! She still cries and cries at bedtime (and I always go back then, just not in the night), but at least once she’s down she’s mostly okay for the night. Where the kids have gone back to school and L has changed school it’s just been crazy, plus I also took on two new work projects the same week. It’s all good though, I much prefer it to the summer holidays where it’s just endless days of entertaining three little ones while the house, email, work and everything just piles up ever higher in the background. [Shudder!!]

      2. I used to have the faltering run thing – EVERY time. I don’t know why, but apart from a couple of weeks where I’ve only got out once I’ve managed to stick at it for 5 months so far. It’s taken 26 years of false starts to get here though ???

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