VBAC = Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Like just about everyone, my journey to a VBAC really started with my first birth. I won’t do the whole big saga here but suffice to say, it was a long, drawn out event that involved the whole “cascade of intervention”. It also involved a failed epidural after they talked me into having one as I was so slow to progress, an infection, an awful midwife and a c-section under a general anaesthetic which means I was sleeping for the birth of my very first child.

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Whoop whoop! I made it…I’m here…I am blogging again.

This is me right about now. A total mum thinking she is a cool kid because she built this fucking amateurish blog that is a shell of what she wanted it to be but who cares because…it’s here!

mum dancing.gif

So yeah, much work to do here but it’s evolving and taking shape and I HAVE A SPACE TO BLOG NOW. Now I just have to get the toddler to let me do it because as you all know, the toddler tornadoes rule the goddamn world.   Continue reading “3..2..1..LIFT OOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF!”