The Letter

I was dropping S at Kindy a few weeks ago when the mum of one of his classmates arrived at the same time. I immediately noticed that she did not look pregnant at all.

The last time I’d seen her was at a birthday party at least a month before and she was getting on about 20 weeks.   Continue reading “The Letter”


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Hello and welcome to the infertility section of my site.

Infertility is fucked. Am I right? Sadly, I know I am.

I dealt with secondary infertility for over 2 years and it just plain old sucks.

For me, the infertility experience included 2 x chemical pregnancies, 3 x IUIs, 3 x full IVF cycles resulting in 45 eggs collected and no viable embryos, genetic testing and an endometriosis diagnosis.

I spent a lot of time reading and researching and talking right here online with other women walking through these same same but different moments. The women I met here online, the whole infertility community I became involved with, carried me through this experience. I am not kidding. I think I may have really lost it without their support. So it is really important to me to give back to this community so that maybe my lessons will be helpful to those still in the trenches.

This is me giving back.

Essentially what you are going to get here is my opinion about what happened to me. I am not a Dr, a scientist or a trained expert in this at all so you can’t take what I’ve said and do it “under my recommendations”. I wish I could give you the magic secrets to cure your woes but unfortunately I’m not the magic secret holder. Maybe something I experienced though resonates with you and sends you on a journey that brings you success and if that’s the case then WAHOOOOO.

I will do some research from time to time on certain topics and when I do that I’ll be sure to include my references to help you out when you go off and investigate. I’m not conclusively recommending anything with any sort of training at all though so please, let us be cool with that.

I’ve made this category totally separate on my site because you may just want to come here and sign up only to read my infertility stuff. It is really hard to see content on parenting and babies when you are in that zone so by keeping this content in its own separate area I am trying to respect that. I’ve even made it possible for you to sign up to ONLY infertility posts on my blog. You can do that here.

May the craziness of this journey not entirely consume you and may your dreams be fulfilled.

The girl* with the stories.

Rachael xx

*do you think I can call myself girl at 40????