Deciding to expand your family post infertility

Once you’ve experienced an infertility diagnosis the decision to then go on and expand your family can be pretty harrowing.

What I didn’t mention last week when I posted on whether or not we would attempt to expand our family to include a third child is that on that particular day I was in a really dark place about it.

It was a place of true fear. I was afraid of having another child at a gap I couldn’t handle but then afraid to wait lest I never be able to have another at all. Nothing really seemed like the right solution. Do I choose to be sad now or do I never have another baby and live with the lingering sadness forever?

In this situation there is no choice without sadness.

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Dinner: Why must they eat it every night?

I cannot flipping well stand the fucking dinner time routine and it is so conveniently part of every. single. night. Everyone has their least favourite parenting activity and I am pretty sure this one is mine (shortly followed by bath time if I’m honest).

As I don’t enjoy cooking all that much – well not that nightly meal everyone seems to need to eat – I am constantly looking for hacks.

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The third baby thing

Whether or not to attempt to spawn further offspring has been a topic on pretty high rotation here of late.

When Holly was first born I got the full dose of mummy hormones after she came out the front door (as opposed to the sun roof like her brother) relatively drug free and a pretty straightforward birth. Right away I was declaring that a third baby was definitely on the cards but I think that had more to do with the fact that I was basically high. It’s like taking ecstasy for the first time and deciding right then and there it is so fun that you want to do it 500 more times.

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