Alone Time 

Getting any sort of alone time post kids is pretty much a rarity. Getting extra sleep time, well that’s just a pipe dream. Even if you do trade offs with your partner for sleep-in days the reality of that is rarely as good as it sounds. My kids come looking for me anyway and I can hear all the noise and carry on from the room so I can never actually sleep if they are up and in the house. All I’m really getting is a lie-in to check Facebook and that’s not really that awesome. 

So this is why I am sitting here right now in a cafe at 745am writing a post. What I really want to be doing is sleeping a bit more – I’ve been up since 4am and it’s not even the baby’s fault, I’m under the weather and my eyes hurt. I was going to go for a run so had M down for daddy duty but when I went in to put my running gear on I almost cried thinking about the energy it would require to actually run today. At that point I thought, ok maybe a run isn’t the best choice. 

But M was booked so I thought I’d make use of the time anyway and go for breakfast but as I backed out of the driveway all I could think was how much I’d rather be back in bed as opposed to out for breakfast. What I need more than anything is for someone to take my kids for a little overnight visit somewhere so I can park my arse on the couch and nap nap nap then binge Netflix but what mum ever gets a chance to do that? Alone time is out time and that is just the way this particular cookie crumbles. I think this works ok for super outdoorsy extrovert types who regenerate through being out and around other people but I am a home body and I regenerate with my life around me and my couch under my butt.

Back when I was a single parent with only S to look after I used to get these recharge days every weekend. He’d go for 25 hours with his dad each weekend and most weekends I literally did not move from the couch. I know, I know, you social types are positively horrified by the thought but seriously, it really worked for me. We had an active social life together when he was at home anyway so I’d usually maxed out on face-to-face time (yes beautiful extroverts, this is actually possible!). 

Anyway <spoiler alert> I’m now a single parent again but this time with two kids. Explains why I haven’t posted for awhile but is really  a post for another day so I won’t go too in depth here but let me just say, once we firm up access I am really looking forward to my recharge days. When you are in a good co-parenting arrangement, as I have been fortunate to be in, the whole single parenting thing actually isn’t too bad. It’s like most of the sucky things in life – if you have support, you can pretty much deal with anything with strength. If you don’t have this strength right now, lean on me. I have a contact me page where you can send a private email and I am always in the comments here. Please don’t be alone. 

Anyway, so here I am, alone with my thoughts and now a coffee at what is now 8:03am. I’m alone and loving it but tired, so tired. To all those getting proper lie-ins and sleep: you suck…just a little bit. Mwah.