Some days we surprise ourselves 

connie and sam johnson

8:30pm – 4am

This is turning into my standard night’s sleep at the moment. Hideous no matter how you slice it but particularly crap when the first hour involves getting up and down to tell the 6 year old and his sleepover buddy to go to sleep. Then the remaining 6.5 hours are spent joyously settling the toddler.


I woke with the biggest fuck off headache. I’d already teed up with M to watch the kids while I did the ParkRun at 8am but I was so tempted to just give it a miss.

So I was sitting around scrolling the Facebook feed and feeling sorry for myself. I was mostly trying to talk myself out of going for my run. But post after post was a  tribute to the beautiful Connie Johnson who died of Cancer yesterday. This woman was an absolute force and raised, with the help of her brother, somewhere between $5-7million dollars for Cancer research in the last 7 years since her terminal diagnosis.

This chick was seriously amazing. Her mother committed suicide when she was young, like toddler young. She had Cancer at both 11 and 22 and went into remission both times but then got terminal breast cancer at 33.

(Anyone else weirded out about those numbers? 11, 22, 33 The pattern gave me the heebie jeebies).

Anyway, I digress. Basically, she did so much with the short life they were telling her she didn’t have. They gave her 6-12 months at 33 and she went on around 7 years, dying at 40. Still too young. Her two sons, still so young, will at least remember her now though. She fought so hard for Cancer awareness when I’m sure some days she probably felt like she had nothing left to give and seriously no energy at all. They should be so proud of her.

So I just thought “Fuck this you whiny whimp, you are going on that run”.

So I ran. AND I did an awesome fucking time!

I was so surprised after my run training this week!

During the week I’d done my first run in almost 3 weeks after being sick for a while. It was a run of 5 x 5 min intervals that felt like they ended in a run shuffle so I really wasn’t hoping for much today. It was hardly perfect either as I was drooling a bit by the end of it (anyone else ever done that???). SO embarrassing! But the time was seriously great for where I am at so I am really proud of myself.

I have another whole minute to trim off before I surpass my previous Park Run PB so plenty of work to do in the future but this was an amazing place to start.

A big thanks to Connie and Sam Johnson, even though they don’t know me, who reminded me how more often than not it’s not all that hard to dig deep when we are having a bad day.

Here are some pics of those guys just because I think you should all see their beautiful inspirational faces.

connie and sam johnson loveconnie hospiceconnie and sam big heart projectbeautiful ConnieConnie and Sam early days

7 thoughts on “Some days we surprise ourselves ”

  1. So sad – cancer terrifies me :-(.

    That is one brilliant time. And I’ve drooled!!! hahahaha! That’s a new thing though, so perhaps it’s just cause I’m going faster now?? Maybe you have to drool to get the speed up. Although I’ve never noticed Usain drooling. Maybe he doesn’t have time. Oh man. And my eyes water. And my nose runs. It’s SO unglamorous. But it’s great for you, so who cares 😉

    1. Haha yeah I bet the drool dries on Usain due to the sheer wind power. Hehe oh that comment gave me a good laugh. It really is so unglamorous. Glad I’m not the only drooler!! Haha

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