Doing the run shuffle

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Running is such an unpredictable beast. Some days you soar like an eagle when you didn’t even feel like moving off the couch (a la my ParkRun on Saturday) and others, it is a shuffle to the very end even though the desire to run is great. That was my experience today.


Today, I wanted to run with everything I had. I was almost jumping out of my skin. The chant want to run, want to run, want to run was literally running ( <– ha ha, you like that?) through my brain.

But I got out there to do my 5 x 5 min intervals and I was soooooo slooooooooow. My time even on my fastest interval was slower than my full 5k time on Saturday. It probably has something to do with the fact that I did some surge interval running training yesterday followed by a boxing session with my PT so my legs are just bone tired. My shins are cracking and I’m hobbling like an old woman.

But I ran and I actually feel pretty good about it.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt in all the time I’ve been running it is that if you have the call to run then you need to just get out there and run. Some days it will suck but others will be awesome and what sucks more is to actually not run and then ruminate on it all day and wish that you had. I’ve taken that road many a time and it just sucks the whole way along. As not only do you miss the run that day when you wanted it but then usually there will be obstacles to you running for the days following: you feel like shit, you get sick, there’s no time available, yada yada.

This is Murphy’s law and we all know that if Murphy can pop on by to fuck things up for you then he will.

So for the love of God, if you feel like running, try to make that shit happen. A slow run that sucks will still improve your fitness and make future runs all the more better.

I think that is it for running for me this week until the ParkRun again on Saturday. Tomorrow I do Pilates and then Thursday is the PT and then I think I’m going to do a rest day or something calm like Yoga or Pilates at home for half an hour on Friday so I can go into ParkRun with, fingers cross, a chance to improve my time.

Best laid plans and all that….

On that note, I’m off to chug some magnesium which I swear works wonders on my muscle fatigue. Try it if you are struggling. You can get a spray too which also seems to work quite well. If it doesn’t then the placebo effect is nice and strong with this one and I’m good with that. Whatever makes my brain think there is less pain I’m ok with.

How is your running going? Tell me, tell me. Running stories rock my world.



4 thoughts on “Doing the run shuffle”

  1. I ran 12 miles! 12 miles!! For the first time ever! 🙂 And, I was a minute faster on my pace than I expected. That was crazy! I literally have slowed down as I am running further, which is expected, but I had then lost time after a small injury in March. I finally had to admit that I was running a minute, to a minute and a half, slower than pre-injury. And that was a hard pill to swallow. I’ve never been fast, but to all of the sudden, be “slow”, well, I was struggling. But, I finally just sucked it up – reminded myself that I didn’t have to compete with all of the other runners on Twitter and Instagram, but just be me, and run for myself. And bam! I hit a darn good time! Of course, today, I did an easy 3 miles, and I wasn’t worried about speed, I was focused on negative splits – and I hit them! Started slow for a warm up, and lost 30 seconds each mile! 🙂 I love me some negative splits!

    1. Whooop! That’s amazing! You are smashing it out. It is so hard not to think about what time everyone else is doing. I can get caught up in it too. Before the PR on the weekend I just said to myself “run your own run”. I just found my pace people and stuck near them. 12 miles is so far!! Almost 20kms!!!!! You weapon. X

  2. I have two mottos about running: a bad run is better than no run, and: it’s time on your feet that counts (usually after I’ve had to stop and walk, lol!). But saying that, I LOVE those runs where you randomly go out and fly. Wish it was like that everytime!!

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