Post-partum weight loss


I gotta be honest here – I am struggling big time with that last 5kgs of post-partum weight after this 2nd baby. I want to call it infertility weight but really, I can’t claim that. You see, I did exactly what I did last time when it came to the whole post-partum thing. I lost almost all my pregnancy weight within the first 2 weeks. Women everywhere hated me after my first as 2 weeks pp I was back into those skinny jeans. Can anyone say biatch?

Then I worked out that breastfeeding makes my food intake so forgiving so I began to eat all the cake because THE BABY NEEDS CALORIES!

Well you can work out what happened from there. I stopped breastfeeding, kept eating cake and meals that were too big and well, that last 5kg is just hanging on.

I have also over-complicated things as I am confusing my body big time.

“‘I’m going LCHF (low carb high fat)!” I declare. I begin it half heatedly which basically means I cut out carbs and max out on healthy fats. I try intermittent fasting down to two meals per day – the fat makes me full like it’s supposed to so that is actually all fine. Until I cheat. And I cheat with carbs. Lots. On the regular. I did this whole hula hoop of a fuck up while exercising loads and I could barely shift a kilo. No shit Sherlock.

So I finally threw the towel in on that one and accepted that maybe this way of eating isn’t for me. Not yet anyway. I’ll give up carbs when the other way doesn’t work.

The other way is calorie counting. It is such a pain in the fucking arse but it always works for me. Essentially if I cut to 1200 calories and exercise like a nutjob I can shift this weight pretty easily. Some people get all shocked and bothered when I say 1200 calories but seriously, my resting calorie burn is something really low, like 1350, so I have to pretty much go down to 1200 for any hope in dropping the weight.

I really like to exercise. In fact, I’d like to do it more. It’s become a little tricky now that M isn’t living here anymore as it means I can’t go out first thing in the morning. Plus Holly hates the gym creche so going with her totally sucks. Also, the weather is warming up here now so running after 9am really blows and I love to run. This all means I haven’t got the exercise thing totally sussed right now. BUT! I am starting the 1200 calorie thing as of today and I’m starving and drinking lots of water and herbal tea but otherwise feeling good. Even after one day I am pretty certain my issue is that I’ve been overeating. Boooooo. Food is amazing. Why does it have to make you fat?

I am a big fat (not really, let’s say slightly squidgy) lazy fucker this time though and cannot for the life of me seem to do this all by myself with all the food preparing and what not. I just cannot be bothered. I was trying a little bit and just not sticking to anything. I’m a structure girl. I like some rules and a method to follow so I’ve gone on an eating program.  It does ALL my meals at the moment which has been super helpful today. I will blog about that across the following week and give you the lowdown on what the menu is like and whether or not it completely sucks balls or just a little bit.

Wish me luck!

PS Yes yes, I know, blogging hiatus and all that. Turns out single parenting with two kids is busy and tiring and a little uninspiring. I’ll do my best to make my journey back to you.



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  1. I had a similar problem after my second baby – actually after giving birth I’d only put on a tiny, tiny amount of weight, but then because I was breastfeeding I somehow just started eating more and more, and when I’m tired I crave sugar so there was a lot of cake involved. She’s now three and I weigh more than I’ve ever weighed in my life – not huge – but I’ve never dieted in my life, I was always a skinny little thing and it turns out my motivation to diet is next to nothing. Good luck!! One day I will muster up the courage to do the same 🙂

    1. That’s the thing for me – my motivation to make the changes myself was pretty low. I mean, who wants to say no to cake? Not me! I think I have always been an emotional consumer but back in the day it was alcohol and cigarettes. Now I’m a grown up and given up my vices I’ve switched it to food!! Ugh. Anyway the program is good for the lazy person like me. I’m pretty good with structure and rules so it’s a good fit for me. I just open the fridge, grab the relevant meal and move on.

  2. Gawddddddddd… this is so me… i am still trying to get eid of ‘baby fat’ and my baby is 11 years now??????… I hate calorie counting… I just eat the calories after im through counting them? and the rest that I decided not to count? lol

  3. Same here. In fact worse – I am heavier now that I have been for ages. The last two months has seen me eat and eat and eat, even though I have run so much. The last time I was this heavy was 9 months postpartum or thereabouts and I’m now coming up two years pp, so things are NOT going in the right direction. You are pretty damn good at sticking to plans, so hopefully in just a few weeks you’ll be back in fine form. There must be something going on because literally today I signed up to a 12 week program with a local nutritionist. My food and health woes are too long for a comment (must try and blog, haha!), but I’m hoping she can sort me out!!! Sending lots of motivation your way and I’m really looking forward to reading about it. I love a good healthy eating plan. xxx

    1. Ooooo if you get a chance you should totally blog about you 12 week thing. I’d be really interested to hear how it goes. But yeah, I’m hearing you on the eat and eat and eat thing. I’m much more of an emotional eater than I ever way. And cake is goooood. hehe

      1. I was thinking I should blog about it, it’s the kind of thing I like reading about. Time is short, so I’ve decided to try vlogging it instead – aargh!! Yep, not too old for a youtube channel, hahahaha! I swear – I am so far out of my comfort zone it is untrue ? xxx

        1. Oooo exciting! I’ve been wanting to vlog actually. I did one when M and I split but haven’t uploaded it yet. Still trying to decide whether or not to go down that path. You are right though – it is quicker to do. So maybe I will consider it more seriously. Is old ducks can take the step together!! Lol there is something about video that I am quite drawn to. Have no idea why.

          1. I still haven’t decided if I’m happy to be videoing, lol! My main worry is that text is harder for idiots to read whereas video is watched by the worst kind of trolls online… hmm. Well, I’m a boring mum vlogging about eating so hopefully under the radar of any unpleasant attention. We’ll see how it goes… I’d love to see video of you. It was so cool seeing you in the background when the crazy snake man came to get the snakes out of your house! X

  4. Totally gone the same way with eating loads because of breastfeeding ?
    Exciting to hear your plan of attack!!! Perhaps by blogging just a quick paragraph at the end of the day may help with keeping it all up??! ?

    1. I totally should have done something like that – it keeps me more accountable. I hate to smash everyone’s feeds with me me me every day though lol. I have a weekly update coming though so I have been tracking my success. I am def getting less hungry as time goes on so that’s awesome.

  5. One thing I’ve found that really helps with exercise (when it’s too hot or cold to go out, and since I don’t want to pay for a gym) is Youtube videos. There are some terrific yoga routines and cardio routines, all totally free, and you can do it right in your living room with the baby just a few feet from you. It’s hard to go too wrong since you can always modify anything you don’t want to do, and then when you find routines you really like, you can bookmark them and go back to them whenever you feel like it.

    Good luck with it all!

    1. Yes that’s true! There is also a wonderful free website called Fitness Burner that has loads on it. I was trying that for awhile but my baby is now 18mths and she crawls all over me lol but i really should persist. Thanks for the reminder!!

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