Doing the run shuffle

Running is such an unpredictable beast. Some days you soar like an eagle when you didn’t even feel like moving off the couch (a la my ParkRun on Saturday) and others, it is a shuffle to the very end even though the desire to run is great. That was my experience today.


Today, I wanted to run with everything I had. Continue reading “Doing the run shuffle”

Dinner: Why must they eat it every night?

I cannot flipping well stand the fucking dinner time routine and it is so conveniently part of every. single. night. Everyone has their least favourite parenting activity and I am pretty sure this one is mine (shortly followed by bath time if I’m honest).

As I don’t enjoy cooking all that much – well not that nightly meal everyone seems to need to eat – I am constantly looking for hacks.

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Some days we surprise ourselves 

8:30pm – 4am

This is turning into my standard night’s sleep at the moment. Hideous no matter how you slice it but particularly crap when the first hour involves getting up and down to tell the 6 year old and his sleepover buddy to go to sleep. Then the remaining 6.5 hours are spent joyously settling the toddler. Continue reading “Some days we surprise ourselves “

The Runner Within Me

I didn’t actually know there was a runner within me at all until I was about 36 years old* and even then I was just trying it on for size. I never actually expected her to be in there, waiting for me to free her.

In my hey day I was a cigarette smoking party girl so running, Continue reading “The Runner Within Me”

The Letter

I was dropping S at Kindy a few weeks ago when the mum of one of his classmates arrived at the same time. I immediately noticed that she did not look pregnant at all.

The last time I’d seen her was at a birthday party at least a month before and she was getting on about 20 weeks.   Continue reading “The Letter”

The third baby thing

Whether or not to attempt to spawn further offspring has been a topic on pretty high rotation here of late.

When Holly was first born I got the full dose of mummy hormones after she came out the front door (as opposed to the sun roof like her brother) relatively drug free and a pretty straightforward birth. Right away I was declaring that a third baby was definitely on the cards but I think that had more to do with the fact that I was basically high. It’s like taking ecstasy for the first time and deciding right then and there it is so fun that you want to do it 500 more times.

Exhilarating but not overly practical or realistic and more than a wee bit life altering. Continue reading “The third baby thing”


Whoop whoop! I made it…I’m here…I am blogging again.

This is me right about now. A total mum thinking she is a cool kid because she built this fucking amateurish blog that is a shell of what she wanted it to be but who cares because…it’s here!

mum dancing.gif

So yeah, much work to do here but it’s evolving and taking shape and I HAVE A SPACE TO BLOG NOW. Now I just have to get the toddler to let me do it because as you all know, the toddler tornadoes rule the goddamn world.   Continue reading “3..2..1..LIFT OOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF!”