Dinner: Why must they eat it every night?

dinner meme

I cannot flipping well stand the fucking dinner time routine and it is so conveniently part of every. single. night. Everyone has their least favourite parenting activity and I am pretty sure this one is mine (shortly followed by bath time if I’m honest).

As I don’t enjoy cooking all that much – well not that nightly meal everyone seems to need to eat – I am constantly looking for hacks.

From menu planning shortcuts because menu planning is BORING and takes up so much of my sit down time which I get very little of in this phase of my life, to preparation hacks, to expensive kitchen appliances. You name it, I’ve tried it. I still hate doing the whole shebang so obviously I haven’t found the perfect solution for me yet (except quit or hire a cook but neither of those are viable options for our life right now).

So I still cook. And I still hate it. And I’m still looking for the magic.

Anyway, I’ll review some of the hacks for you and you can see if you think they will float your boat. Equally, please please please please please share any magical hacks with me. You might just change my life.


Rach x

17 thoughts on “Dinner: Why must they eat it every night?”

    1. Oh I’m so jealous!! My husbo does not cook at all. He will happily order in but some nights you don’t want that. You’d love a homecooked meal, you just don’t want to be the one who cooks it! ha!

  1. I’ll tell you what saved my life were some easy crock pot meals. It took an hour, and I could fix up like 10 meals, and toss them in the freezer. The night before, I’d pull one out and put it in the fridge, and in the morning, put it in the crock pot to go all day. First off, buy the crock pot liners, I don’t care if you think the plastic will leak into your food and kill you – such a time saver!! Second, feel free to splurge on chicken tenders instead of chicken breasts. They cook faster and are easier to portion out to kids. Third – one of my favorites was: Chicken tenders, can of salsa and taco seasoning (packet or I have my own homemade). All that goes in the crock pot and simmers all day – then you just make chicken tacos with it. Some hard or soft shells, a bit of cheese or sour cream and your done. Now, can you feed salsa to baby H? Is she even eating real food yet? LOL. It’s been so long since I’ve had a little one! (I’ll send you some stuff via Pinterest)

    1. Ahhhhhh this is awesome. Thank you!! Baby H is totally eating real food now so she can have it all. I’m going to work on a crockpot menu plan and I might post it here for people. Thanks hon. Love it so much!! That chicken taco one sounds delicious and dead easy. Great tip on the tenders x

  2. I hear you. I would hire a chef over a cleaner every time. I hate the constant deciding what to eat, every damn day, and the constant shopping and prep and cooking while the kids run around jumping on the furniture and killing each other. I hated it before I became a mum and I hate it even more now we’re a family of five. I wish I could find a way to love it!!!

    1. I’m hearing you. I menu planned this week and it was moderately better. Still had to cook though and I really don’t enjoy that. I cooked mid afternoon yesterday and that was a winner. H was happy playing for once so I took the opportunity and then when she was all grump at dinner time I just had food there already. Was awesome!!

      1. Oh now that is awesome. I should try and prep dinner earlier because at 4:30pm everyone is utterly miserable and desperate for attention. That’s the thing, I kind of know that I need to plan – shop – prep but I just can’t be bothered because I hate it all!!

    1. Haha well some of this would seem pretty funny from a teen perspective I bet. Thx for stopping by lovely Synne. I have followed your blog and will be in to check out your stuff soon ??

  3. Susie sent me! And geez, I know the feeling. Sometimes I feel as if I’m chained to the kitchen until the dinner process is complete and some nights it’s too late to start anything else.

  4. I taught my daughter to cook, quite young. I think she’s been cooking since she was 6 or 7. Things like roasts, etc are super easy for her to get started, and then my husband or I can remove the hot food from the oven and dish up. Now, at 12, she’s doing all the weeknight dinners. Such a time and hassle saver for my husband and I! And she enjoys it, and I know it’s a valuable life skill. My son, who is 16, wasn’t interested. I taught him, same as her, but he refuses to cook, and would rather eat instant noodles or sandwiches than make a proper meal.

    Crock pots / slow cookers are awesome if you’re organised. I never was. Baked beans on toast is a valid meal though, I swear!

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