Lite ‘n’ easy – does it totally suck or just a little bit? A review.


**psst…this is NOT a sponsored post. I paid a full $161 AUD for my food this week and all of my own volition. But hey, if you want to sponsor me Lite ‘n’ Easy, don’t hold back!**

I bit the bullet last week and finally signed up to the Full Monty of Lite ‘n’ easy meal plans: 7 breakfasts, lunches and dinners including morning and afternoon tea totalling a whopping (haha) 1200 calories per day. EVERYTHING I will eat in a day comes via these guys. I figure I can do this full version for a week or two and check out portion sizes and breakfast and lunch options and then I’ll start weaning myself off one meal at a time. Like breakfast for example, I reckon I can get right off that within a couple of weeks. The menu is really varied so I should get plenty of ideas for when I’m preparing it myself.

Anyway, I figured it would be fun to give you the blow by blow for the first week so if you are out there and curious and considering giving this a go then you know what to expect.

Things I like

  • Convenience. It all comes in little packages ie Breakfast Day 1, Lunch Day 2 etc. There is also a little menu for the breakfast / lunch options and shows you clearly what you will find in the freezer and what is in the fridge.
  • It is reminding me of portion sizes. SMALL.
  • Easy to prepare. So if breakfast is an omelette it comes as two fresh eggs, some chopped up ham and tomato, grated cheese and a recipe card with both microwave and stove top cooking options.
  • The menu is varied. I’m not eating the same thing day in day out.

Things I don’t like so much:

  • So. Much. Waste. Everything is in little plastic bags and I feel like I have so much non-biodegradable waste. I’d love it if the company came up with a more environmentally sound solution.
  • Packaged food is packaged food. While they do keep it as fresh as possible and do a great job there is a bit of a package taste to it at times. Just a bit.
  • It’s a lot of bread. I don’t normally eat a lot of bread – and if I ate it at breakfast I usually wouldn’t eat it at lunch. On this program you generally have it for both and I’m finding that a bit tedious. I chose less bready lunches this week.
  • There is a lot of opportunity for them to add salad or greens to the meals. I guess freshness might be an issue…



Day 1

Breakfast – toasted fruit muffin with butter and marmalade.

Oooooo I forgot how little butter you can really have. It’s about a 15th of my usual slathering.

I’m starving. I make a cup of black tea (no sugar) to help. I usually take sugar so this is really fun. I need it to give me a caffeine boost as I’m trying to cut back on coffee too. I think coffee stuffs with my ability to know when I’m hungry and eat well.

Finish tea. Still hungry.

Morning tea – an orange.  Is that all? Seriously? Fucking hell I am hungry.

Lunch – Roast chicken salad with what tastes like hummus and balsamic dressing. A red apple. You can’t make friends with salad.

Enough said.

Afternoon tea:  dried apricots. About 5 of the teeny fuckers. That’s it.

Dinner – crumbed fish with salad (again!)

You actually get to choose which dinner meal you want each night. I was not really fancying this one as had salad with lunch but I had it anyway as it is best to eat those with salads in the first few days or they go all limp and gross. It was a real surprise package. The fish had potato and sweet potato in with it (yay!) so that was quite the treat. The salad had some teeny tiny bits of fetta. All in all it was a pleasant surprise. Not sure if I loved it so much because I was so damn hungry or if it was actually good. Either way, I’ll order this one again.

Across the day I’ve had many cups of herbal tea, a piccolo coffee at the cafe mid morning, a black coffee with half a sugar at home this afternoon as started to fade at 4pm and lots of water.

Summary – Day 1– the food held up better than I expected. I love not having to cook. I’m really hungry. The end.

*hot tip: go to the extra effort and plate that food up on your real plates. Nothing ever tasted good out of a plastic container. The food looks waaaaay better on a plate and this little trick allows you to actually have a hope in Hades of enjoying it. And let’s be honest, you aren’t having to shop for the food OR prepare it so you can totally dirty a piece of Nana’s crockery for the eating part. No big deal. Go the extra mile for yourself you lazy fucker. You’re worth it.

Day 2

Breakfast – Bacon, Egg and Fresh Breakfast tomato on Soy and Lindseed toast. This should have been better than it was. I think the bread was a tad underdone. Next time I might try the alternative option.

Morning tea – Orange Juice! Weird. I also had a skim piccolo again today.

Lunch – Smoked beef, salad, tasty cheese and mustard relish on a sandwich thin + 1 x kiwifruit

oh my, sandwich thins!! I had no idea about these little beauties. Only 99 calories per serve and really nice toasted. I toasted mine when it was still together so it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This will be a future feature on my shopping list for sure. This lunch was really satisfying and delicious.

Here is a pic of someone else’s lunch using THE sandwich thin. I know.

sandwich thins


Afternoon tea – apple cherry & almond cake. It’s so fucking tiny! This sounds amazing but it’s basically a slice of a mini loaf, toasted with no butter. Disappointing.

Dinner – we went out for dinner so I have one frozen Lite ‘n’ easy meal in the bank for another day. All good. I ordered the super healthy pan fried fish and vegetables. It was all fancy and miniscule. I had a sneaky glass of white wine too.

Day 3

Breakfast – Fresh omelette – 2 eggs, ham and tomato mix, grated cheese.

This was actually super yum!

Morning tea – Peach cup – and it was surprising good!

Lunch – Curried egg spread and baby leaf on a long multi-grain roll + peaches with raspberry sauce. Clearly peach day at the ranch.

I actually ate this for dinner as we were out for lunch and my meal was more dinner like so I subbed the two meals around. That makes one more Lite ‘n’ Easy frozen meal in the bank for when I stop buying all the meals. Boo-yeah!

Afternoon tea – Cinnamon Oat Bar – this was deeeeeelicious.

Dinner – I ate lunch for dinner. At lunch I ordered rissoles with veg. It was a massive serve but I was careful to skimp on the carbs and not eat all three massive gravy coated rissoles, even though I wanted to!

Ok ok I bought wine and had two glasses. Whoops, that’s two nights in a row.

Day 4

I ran today – whoop! But it sucked – booooo. I wrote more about that and my running regression here.

Breakfast – Ham, cheese, tomato on wholemeal seed toast. This should taste better.

Morning tea – orange

Lunch – Roast chicken, guacamole and tomato in a wrap. Hmmmmmm taste good, no it doesn’t, yes it does, hmmmmm, it’s alright.

Afternoon tea – Green apple

Dinner – Corned meat and vege – includes white sauce and mashed potato! Hmmmmm I was hoping for something more.

OK OK I finished the wine. #badmove #noselfcontrolsometimes

Half way summary – I am definitely feeling less hungry all the time and adjusting to smaller meal portions and regular eating times. As a result I’m drinking less herbal tea which is a relief. You can only neck that stuff for so long. I’m going to do the Full Monty 3 meal per day thing for one more week before I switch to preparing breakfast myself. I’ve also noticed my tummy is getting flatter for the first time in FOREVER so YAY!


Day 5

Ran again today and it was sooooo much better. At least I finished today.

Breakfast – Bacon, Egg, Tomato on a toasted multigrain muffin. Hmmmmm I should like this more. Again. I did it open muffin style so that helped but I don’t know.

Morning tea – Mandarin

Lunch – Chicken breast, bacon, tomato, mayo on grain roll. I think this is the teeniest roll I’ve ever seen. So the roll was teeny but the chicken was large and it all actually tasted reaaaaaaally good. I also added some baby spinach and rocket to boost it up a bit. I think these guys could totally add more greens to pretty much everything.

Dinner– Honey soy chicken and rice – Mmmmmm this sauce is T A S T Y! I took some before and after pictures for you with this one. Before I plated it and after. It makes a massive difference.


Day 6

Breakfast – Pumpkin and corn fritters, egg and tomato chutney. These have a weird texture. Just eat them. FINISH THEM. Wasn’t a fan. I also added spinach and rocket to this dish.

Morning tea – Orange

Lunch – I actually had to improvise here. It was supposed to be a chicken and cashew bowl but the new office I am working in on Tuesday doesn’t have a microwave. I ended up taking one of those amazing 99 calorie sandwich thin thingies and some egg & a teeny tiny bit of mayo, green stuff, grated carrot and tomato. It was delicious and reeeeeeeeeeallly satisfying.

Afternoon tea – Peach snack cup (that was actually from the lunch pack), Choc Cranberry Trail Mix

Dinner – Eeeeeeeerrrrr it was H A L L O W E E N. We drank wine and ate snacks. I was controlled with the candy, less controlled with the wine.

Day 7

Breakfast – Cranberry Coconut Crunch   Ooooo kinda taste like healthy coco-pops. Kinda. Not really but enough of a kinda that it will pass. I actually enjoyed these a lot for something different and they really satisfied me.

Morning tea – Red apple – I wasn’t even hungry for it across the morning.  Piccolo coffee, skim.

Lunch – Moroccan Lamb Hotpot – reeeeeeeeally fucking delicious.

Dinner – Chicken enchiladas – another surprise in a freezer box. These were yum yum bums.

NEXT WEEKS GOAL: No wine! I’ve folded to alcohol on far too many days this week. I feel there is progress though with my physicality and this does make me happy!

I’m not going to blog a blow by blow next week but will pop in and give you a summary in case you are interested.  I am particularly heartened by the fact that I haven’t stayed starving forever. Sooner or later your body adjusts. Anyway my eyes are closing and I’m making loads of typos so better go and give it a rest for tonight.

How is food going for you? Are you mostly a healthy eater?

21 thoughts on “Lite ‘n’ easy – does it totally suck or just a little bit? A review.”

  1. This post was fabulous! I put on 10-13 pounds over the summer and I’m struggling to get back in the healthy zone and lose the weight If you don’t mind that I’m asking, is the Lite and Easy food program designed to help people lose weight? Or is it just helpful if you need to get a handle on portion control?

    1. Yes, it is designed for weight loss. Obviously you’d have to choose the right program for you. They have 1200 calories, 1500 calorie and 1800 calorie and what you need will depend on size and exercise. I am a small frame anyway so my calorie burn is quite low so 1200 is my only option. Most guys would use 1500 or 1800 I reckon. 1200 is a pretty common weight loss number. Some people probably like it so much that when they have met their goal weight they might move to 1500 calories for awhile for a maintenance period so they know how much to eat when they don’t want to lose or gain. Hope that helps!

  2. Great post! Im struggling…well not really struggling but working on losing some lbs that just climbed on me from nowhere… I was ambushed and bear hugged…ugh… great inspirational post…!

  3. I don’t think those meals sound or look too bad!!! And your hot tip literally made me lol!! I’m glad you’re seeing some results already. Hope you can keep up the good work!

  4. Wow. That is commitment. Some of the dishes do sound good though and I LOVE the idea of no cooking heheh. I think I would struggle with tiny portions. I’m a pile the plate up high and leave half of it kind of person (which is weird, I know. I think I have an aversion to an empty plate). And the wine… oh man. I have battled the wine for so long. It is tough. Keep at it – it’s great that your stomach is flatter – I SO need that in my life!!

    1. The biggest problem with this isn’t the meal sizes – they aren’t too bad and you can always bulk out with additional salad and veg if you need a bigger plateful as long as it’s the really low calorie stuff (so no potato!). The issue for many, in my opinion, is they don’t cater to food intolerances – so if you are gluten or dairy free you are screwed. You could potentially make dairy work but no way with gluten. So that’s quite limiting. I need to go back to this post and add that in the Cons section. I’ve been better with wine this week. So far only one glass since last Thursday!!

      1. Ah yes – you mentioned the bread. Having it for breakfast and lunch menu choices isn’t very imaginative. Plus it’s not great for anyone’s stomach (I really do think gluten is so hard on the digestive system). We seem to be so dependent on gluten-based products in our western diets. It is really great though for juat being able to forget about measuring and counting while you get used to smaller portions. Ah, food. The whole food-cooking-eating thing is just such a hassle sometimes!!

  5. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages (here in the States)! All of the prepped and delivered meal companies I find are either way expensive, deliver too much food for two people, or aren’t customizable enough. I’m mainly looking for breakfasts and lunches, maybe an occasional dinner — and mostly just for me, as my husband is too picky for these things. I enjoyed your detailed meals/thoughts. 🙂 I hope the next week goes well!

  6. Honestly, this sounds so convenient. I love eating healthily but life gets in the way of cooking a majority of the time…although i think i’d struggle with the small amount of food. I eat small portions, but lots of em throughout the day xx

    1. It is super convenient!! I have changed to only 5 dinners and lunches this week and today was the first day and I hated having to make a breakfast decision!! The portions are small because I am doing a low calorie option. If you arent wanting to lose weight you could get a higher calorie plan and eat more ?

  7. Hi Rachel,

    Great post and great photos. I’m from and wanted to see if you would allow us to use your lite ‘n easy photos and post your review on our site as well? The review I can leave a link to your site as well. Hoping to work together!

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